WARNING: This product contains nicotine.
Nicotine is an addictive chemical.
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Jam Monster is a favorite among vape lovers. This popular brand uses different flavor choices suggested by customers to prepare their vaping juice, typically using a combination of bread, jam, and butter to create their products.

Vapers enjoy using Jam Monster due to these unique flavors and the amount of satisfaction it gives to customers. Plus, you can find it offered in many stores around the world, making it accessible for any vape smoker.

Besides the incredible flavoring, Jam Monster packaging is on point. The vape flavors are sold in a beautiful gorilla glass bottle. The bottle was created to reduce spillage of the juice flavor and the liquid it contains.

With summer right around the corner, get in the mood by choosing flavors that represent the season. Here are the top five top Jam Monster selections you must have during this summer.

1. Jam Monster Raspberry Flavor

With the Jam Monster Raspberry Flavor, you can expect to get the full juicy and fruity flavor from this jam. You can choose to match this Jam Monster flavor with tea due to the raspberry juice addition or pair it with toast and add melted butter for a better taste. For people that vape in the morning and need that extra summer flavor, the raspberry flavor is ideal.

2. Jam Monster Grape Flavor

After your typical summer lunch, the best recommendation for your vaping juice is the grape flavor. This flavor tastes exactly like sweet grape juice. The Jam Monster Grape Flavor makes an excellent addition to your creamy peanut butter sandwich. It helps to create the sweet-salty combination that made the PB&J famous in the first place.

3. Jam Monster Ice Lemonade

The Jam Monster Ice Lemonade is a top seller for Jam Monster. It gets more orders around the summer period due to its large quantities. It has a cool and refreshing taste, just like a big glass of sprite drink with ice. On a hot summer day, it hits all the right spots for many vapers. For times when the temperature rises, the Ice Lemonade flavor is your best choice.

4. Jam Monster Blueberry Flavor

The Jam Monster Blueberry Flavor is another unique flavor among vapers. It packs the full taste of blueberry and is reported to have bread and butter undernotes. It fills in the salt juice flavor that vapers love so much. This perfect combination is what you need to make your summer a memorable one.

5. Jam Monster Strawberry

The Strawberry Jam Monster flavor comes with bread layering and a stuffing of butter. It also comes with salt juice, which gives it the extra bit of flavor it needs. The strawberry jam flavor offers the best combination of sweet and creamy, combined into one flavor, making it one of the perfect vapes for the summertime. Plus, this vape flavor pairs perfectly with your favorite summer drink.

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